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Ghaziani has teamed up with the Italian technical-fabric company " Plastotex " to bring you the highest quality fabrics featuring


a 3- layer fabric technology. Plastotex is committed to offering the highest quality standards, thanks to to continuous research


through a fully-equipped in house laboratory and by relying on the experience of leading external laboratories, qualified and


certified at the international level.

All of our mask garments are designed using Tek Series. This technology guarantees the best protection whilst at the same time


offering total comfort, thanks to high levels of breathability. Osmosis allows the membrane to remove excess humidity produced


by breathing during workouts, reducing overheating and perspiration buildup. Tek Series also protects users from wind, cold


temperatures & rain, whilst delivering increased comfort and preserving a comfortable microclimate inside your mask. This type


of technology is ideal when working long hours, face to face with individuals. The 3 -layer composition will not enable particles to


enter through the mouth and vice versa.

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